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APPLE BANK FOR SAVINGS Non CallableC 0.151/16/150.150.15100
Bank of China Non Callable TX, OH, MTRating Not Available 0.301/23/150.300.30100
FOX CHASE BANK - Hatboro, PA Non Callable TXB 0.201/30/150.200.20100
BANK OF BARODA Non Callable MT, TX, OHRating Not Available 0.254/23/150.250.25100
MERRICK BANK Non Callable OH, TXB- 0.457/17/150.450.45100
GOLDMAN SACHS BANK USA Non CallableRating Not Available 0.357/23/150.350.35100
APPLE BANK FOR SAVINGS Non CallableC 0.357/30/150.350.35100
SAFRA NATIONAL BANK OF NEW YORK Non CallableRating Not Available 0.457/30/150.450.45100
LAKESIDE BANK - Chicago, IL Non Callable ILRating Not Available 0.4510/19/150.450.45100
Ally Bank Non CallableRating Not Available 0.501/25/160.500.50100
GOLDMAN SACHS BANK USA Non CallableRating Not Available 0.501/25/160.500.50100
BMW BANK OF NORTH AMERICA Non Callable OHB- 0.707/18/160.700.70100
ALLY BANK Non CallableRating Not Available 0.757/25/160.750.75100
AmericanWest Bank Non Callable WA, ID, UT, ORA- 0.607/25/160.600.60100
DISCOVER BANK Non CallableB- 0.757/25/160.750.75100
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FPF: First Trust Intermediate Duration Preferred & Income Fund

by Monte Traficante | May 10, 2013

The offering will be priced at $25 and will have a targeted annual dividend yield of 7%, paid on a monthly basis. The last day to purchase this offering before it starts trading on the NYSE is Tuesday, May 28th.  After that date it will trade on the NYSE under the symbol FPF and will fluctuate up or down from the initial offering price.

 FPF:  First Trust Intermediate Duration Preferred & Income Fund

·        70-75% of the initial allocation will be in the Institutional $1,000 Preferred securities market- (not readily available to the normal retail investor)

·        The portfolio will have ZERO negative yield to call

·        7% targeted Annual Dividend Yield

·        Monthly Income payments to start 60-90 days after the initial offering date

·        $25 Initial price with No commission charge to you

·        Tuesday, May 28th is the last day to purchase before it starts trading on the NYSE under FPF and will then start fluctuating down or up from the $25 starting price

·        Initial target to use leverage will be around 30% of the portfolio

·        Is not FDIC insured and not guaranteed by any government entity

Click here to read the brochure and Preliminary Prospectus carefully. If you’d like to ask questions about this offering or anything else you may have questions on, contact us via email or call 800-225-6196.